Category: Human Rights

  • COVID-19, patients’ mental capacity and prisoners

    The coronavirus pandemic has raised an abundance of issues at the intersection of law and medicine. In recent co-authored articles, Cameron Stewart, Professor of Health, Law and Ethics at the University of Sydney Law School considers some of these issues. Mental capacity assessments for COVID-19 patients: Emergency admissions and the CARD approach In this Journal of Bioethical Inquiry article, Professor Cameron […]

  • Immigration department breaches the privacy rights of asylum seekers

    An article in The Guardian today claims that the Department of Immigration has sought access to confidential medical records of asylum seekers for ‘political purposes.’ The article reports on a briefing document written by a senior clinician at International Health and Medical Services (which delivers health services at mainland and offshore detention centres), which appears […]

  • It’s time for the government to stop shooting the messenger

    The constant attacks on Professor Gillian Triggs represent attacks on the human rights and civil liberties that Australians value. Since 1986, the Human Rights Commission has been the watchdog for human rights for Australia.  The President and her Commissioners are necessarily independent of government and have a duty to fearlessly advocate for human rights protections […]