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  • Indigenous Peoples’ Inclusion in Food Governance

    Indigenous Peoples’ Inclusion in Food Governance

    For NAIDOC Week, Dr Mark Lock speaks to Dr Belinda Reeve about championing health equity and inclusion for First Nations Australians in food governance.

  • Strengthening law’s role in improving Australia’s diet

    Alexandra Jones and Belinda Reeve This post originally appeared in MJA Insight and is re-posted with the MJA’s kind permission. The original article can be found at this link. THE law can be a powerful tool for improving population health, but remains underutilised in addressing Australia’s huge burden of diet-related disease. Taken in a broad […]

  • Upcoming event: the 2019 Food Governance Conference

    Sydney Health Law is hosting the second Food Governance Conference from the 3rd to the 5th of July this year. The Conference is a collaboration between Sydney Law School, the University’s Charles Perkins Centre and The George Institute for Global Health. The 2019 Conference will explore how law, policy, and regulation address (or contribute to) […]

  • Upcoming events: Protecting children from unhealthy food marketing – learning from the past, ideas for the future

    Along with Cancer Council NSW and the Charles Perkins Centre’s Food Governance Node, Sydney Health Law is hosting an event on regulation of unhealthy food marketing to children. Protecting children from unhealthy food marketing remains a hot topic, given increasing concern about children’s diet-related health. In Australia, food marketing to children is regulated largely through […]

  • Cracking the Codex: the new frontier for nutrition labelling

    Previous Alexandra Jones, Global health lawyer and PhD Candidate at The George Institute for Global Health and the University of Sydney Dr Anne Marie Thow, Senior Lecturer in Health Policy at the University of Sydney Dr Carmen Huckel Schneider, Senior Lecturer, Health Policy at the University of Sydney and co-lead of the Health Governance and Financing Group and […]

  • Santa, Coke and Christmas: Why we need legislative restrictions on unhealthy food marketing to children

    Laws in many countries prohibit false and misleading advertising. The recent case of ACCC v Heinz (which I discussed in a blog post last week) shows how these laws can knock out false and misleading food advertisements. But what about the perfectly legal promotions for unhealthy foods and beverages that fill our TV screens, social […]

  • ACCC v Heinz: A significant win for public health

    In a significant victory for public health, Australia’s Federal Court has held that Heinz engaged in misleading and deceptive conduct in the marketing of a snack food targeted to toddlers (ACCC v Heinz [2018] FCA 360). The case should be seen as a win for public health not just because of the final outcome, but […]

  • Upcoming events: The Food Governance Showcase

    On Friday the 3rd of November, Sydney Health Law is co-hosting the Food Governance Showcase at the University of Sydney’s Charles Perkins Centre. The Showcase will present new research from University of Sydney researchers and affiliates, examining the role of law, regulation and policy in creating a healthy, equitable, and sustainable food system. The Showcase […]

  • Upcoming events: Engaging with Advocates

    On Friday the 28th of July, Sydney Health Law is hosting Engaging with Advocates, along with the Food Governance Node and the Healthy Food Systems Node at the Charles Perkins Centre. This event aims to connect early career researchers with leading civil society advocates in order to foster collaboration and increase the impact of research. Representatives […]

  • Promoting health goals in a self-regulating industry

    Earlier this year I published an article on self-regulation of food marketing to children in Australia. I focused on two voluntary codes developed by the Australian food industry to respond to concerns about children’s exposure to junk food advertising, and how it might affect their eating habits. My article pointed out the many loopholes in […]